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Mirrors Installation

Popular Glass Designs specializes in fixing your mirrors on all your equipment, surfaces, windows, and other places. If you have an issue with your glass, it does not matter the case; simply call us for an excellent job. Our company has a full collection of qualified staffs dedicated and experienced in their service delivery. If you have a special request on mirror installation such as customized shapes and designs, Popular Glass Designs is your home of service. For this and other services, our glaziers are highly qualified and looking forward to shape your home and business.

Shower Doors & Office Glass Partitions

Shower doors are critical. They have to be done right. They have to be of the right quality because they will see a lot of exposure to moisture every day. Here, we have the best and we etch and texture them at very affordable prices. On the commercial side, office partitioning with glass is now all the range in the market. You will be surprised how much space you can create by portioning your office right.

Store Fronts

Popular Glass Designs is your home of services with any of your storefront problems. Be it replacement or installation, we are professionals, ready to attend to your issue. Besides, there is a wide range of artwork as well as company logo sandblasting services available for clients who want to customize their storefront glasses.

Glass replacement

Glass replacement services are another area of our specialization. No matter the complexity of your project or the size of the glass piece to be worked on, consider your job done. Our qualified glass technicians will work with you for a perfect and permanent solution in your home. Here, you will find out that there are many glass replacement options to choose from and relevant people to work on them.

Glass Windows & Glass Doors Installations and Repair Services

Now, if you have glass doors, partitions, windows and so forth, you will find that they become susceptible to damage with time. Star cracks, framing repairs and others cannot wait too long or they might get bigger. On the same note, they do not warrant replacement. We offer topnotch glass windows and glass door repair services at Popular Glass Designs.

Glass Repair

At Popular Glass Designs, we offer glass repair services by using the latest repair systems. These latest state of the art glass repair techniques enable repair to the tiniest chips, star breaks, and small cracks that may cause big damages to your glass in the near future. In case you notice any of the above-mentioned damages on your glass tabletops, glass windows, storefronts, shower doors, or office glass partitions, call Popular Glass Design designers for an absolute solution.

Glass window and Glass door Installation

Glass window and Glass doors installations are among the most crucial part of all commercial and private buildings. Thus, at Popular Glass Design, we have come up with a 24-hour emergency breakout service for any customer who may experience problems with these and cannot wait until morning for these important features to be fixed. One needs to just call us, and a technician will be dispatched immediately.

Painted Glass

Painted Glass is a modern, sleek and hygienic alternative to tiles and laminates. Back painted glass creates a product that outlast most architectural products such as tiles, marbles, granites and laminates. It doesn’t allow mold or bacteria to form, it is waterproof and water resistant, and it is very easy to clean and maintain.